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Saltability Professional

Himalayan Salt Treatment Room Starter Kit (18 stones) - Asia

$ 724.90

Due to the high volume of orders for bowl warmers. Orders placed as of August 27th, 2018 will ship in two weeks. Please contact for any questions.

To harmonize with our Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, we offer a low-energy, U.S.-engineered, eco-friendly warmer for Himalayan salt stones constructed with a shielded LED energy source that uses NO water or chemicals.

Starter kit includes …

  • Himalayan Salt Stone Warmer with 18 stones
  • Benefect Decon 30 - 4 oz. spray
  • Dr. Barbara Hendel’s book, Water & Salt
  • Access to digital Saltability manual and video protocols
  • Massage stone warmer coverlet
  • 7-day timer* for auto on/off

Use with 3 easy steps …

  • Start up — Set the provided 7-day timer to come on 45 minutes prior to spa opening and set to shut off automatically at spa closing time.
  • Upgrade — The low energy use of the warmer allows for all day use. With the warmer on and ready, guests can easily upgrade classic treatments with Himalayan salt.
  • Clean up — Caring for your stones with Decon 30, an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant, is an extra preventative step. Nontoxic, Decon 30 will not harm the guest, therapist, or salt stones. Simply spray and wipe dry between treatments.


  • All warmers use LED bulbs for their lighting source and do not give off any heat.
  • Due to variations in the natural coloring of the thick round slab of Himalayan salt, some units can be dimmer than others. This is out of our control.
  • 1 hard copy of the protocol manual will be included for every 5 warmers purchased.

*7-day timer not available for international orders.

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