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Himalayan Salt Stone Massage CEU Starter Package #2: Bamboo Warming Tray

$ 429.00

This item will be restocked in early June. We will be shipping back orders after Memorial Day.  Please contact for any questions. 

This starter package for our NCBTMB-approved course for Himalayan Salt Stone Massage includes the following: 

  • 13” x 20” natural bamboo tray with silicon-covered warming pad
  • 20 Himalayan salt stones (6 round, 6 oval, 6 teardrop and 2 heart stones)
  • Plus — BONUS, complimentary 4 oz. bottle Benefect Decon 30 disinfectant 

About the Bamboo Warming Tray

Saltability’s Himalayan Salt Bamboo Warming Tray (PATENT PENDING) holds and warms 20 Himalayan salt stones, ready for therapists’ use with Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, and creates a healthier spa environment.

  • Warms Himalayan salt stones to 108 to 120 degrees (depending on stone size, weight, thickness) and maintains stones’ consistent temperature. Salt stones will warm to desired temperature in approx. 40 minutes.
  • Made of bamboo, intentionally chosen by Saltability for its ecological benefits: abundant and sustainably harvested.
  • Features a silicon-covered base with state-of-the-art heating technology that maintains a consistent temperature. Easily cleaned in seconds by daily spraying and wiping it with Decon 30 disinfectant.
  • As an added benefit, warmed Himalayan salt in the bamboo tray gives off negative ions in your spa environment, helping to relieve anxiety, reduce stress, improve sleep, reduce indoor air pollution and allergens and more.

About Saltability Himalayan Salt Stones

Mined from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan through socially, environmentally responsible manufacturing, Saltability Himalayan salt stones are 100% pure pink Himalayan salt, certified organic, antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Care and Cleaning

To clean Himalayan salt stones, simply spray with Benefect Decon 30 and wipe completely dry with a cotton towel. Decon 30 will not degrade Himalayan salt.

Unlike typical disinfectants, Benefect Decon 30 is specially formulated to kill 99.99 percent of bacteria in just 30 seconds. With no synthetic chemicals, fragrances, dyes or bleach, Decon 30 uses the same botanical active ingredient that Benefect is known for, effectively eliminating bacteria on both porous and nonporous surfaces.

Benefect Decon 30 uses the botanical active ingredient thymol — present as a compound of thyme oil — to work as a bactericidal against Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), Salmonella enterica, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli (E-coli) as well as a virucidal against Rhinovirus (the common cold virus) and Influenza A.

Please note: This package does not include the 6-hour Continuing Education Course and requires an additional cost of $149 for the course. Click here to be directed to the 6-hour Continuing Education Course.


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